Dream received October 21, 2015

It was a warm, sunny day. I was with a group of 30 or 40 people in a grassy field, enjoying a picnic near our town. The children were playing games while the older folks were busy chatting and laying out food on picnic blankets.


Without warning, lightning began to flash across the clear blue sky about five miles in the distance. One after another, fiery bolts hit the ground. Faster and faster the lightning came until the whole sky was a sheet of flames. The intense brightness of the fire nearly blinded us.


Then one of my friends noticed that the fire was moving toward us. “Run!” he screamed.

Parents grabbed their children by the hand and ran toward the town, afraid of being consumed by the fire.

The fire begins to move across the field, devouring everything in its path, but I am rooted to the ground. I cannot run with the others. Although I see the town in the distance, it looks very far away. And is it really a safe place?

The heat of the approaching fire grows more intense and thick smoke burns my eyes and lungs. Suddenly I see a lake in front of me and plunge into the cool, clear water. The Water of Life is my safe place.


Horrified, I watch the hungry flames engulf the town and then completely consume it in one blazing flash of light.

I wake up, distraught.

Thick clouds still cover the sky; yet the sun now and then breaks through, appearing like the avenging eye of Jehovah. Fierce lightnings leap from the heavens, enveloping the earth in a sheet of flame. White, Great Controversy, p. 638.

“The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar.” The bright rays of the morning seemed to speak only prosperity and peace to the cities of the plain. The stir of active life began in the streets; men were going their various ways, intent on the business or the pleasures of the day. The sons-in-law of Lot were making merry at the fears and warnings of the weak-minded old man. Suddenly and unexpectedly as would be a thunder peal from an unclouded sky, the tempest broke. The Lord rained brimstone and fire out of heaven upon the cities and the fruitful plain; its palaces and temples, costly dwellings, gardens and vineyards, and the gay, pleasure-seeking throngs that only the night before had insulted the messengers of heaven–all were consumed. The smoke of the conflagration went up like the smoke of a great furnace. White, Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 164.

And as it was in the days of Noah, so it also shall be in the days of the Son of Man. They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark; and the flood came and destroyed them all. So also as it was in the days of Lot: they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but the day Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from the heaven and destroyed them all. Even so it shall be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed. In that day he who shall be on the housetop, and his goods in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise, he who is in the field, let him not return to the things behind. Luke 17:26-31, NKJV


Housecleaning and the King’s Wedding

Dream received July 4, 2015

Part 1

I was with a few other women at a friend’s house. We watched with intense interest as she “deep cleaned” before leaving for an extended period.

I don’t remember all of the steps in the cleaning process, but at the end of this part of the dream, the woman showed us how she washed down the walls of the main room. She scooped something that looked like plain water out of a bucket and liberally splashed it on all four walls. The clear solution had an intense but delightful fragrance. It ran down the walls, onto the floor, and out of the room.

splash water

After thoroughly rinsing the walls, she announced, “The house is clean.”

Part 2

I was sitting with a friend inside a palace. We were privileged to be guests at a king’s wedding. The king was seated on an immense throne, eagerly waiting for his bride to walk up the aisle for the wedding ceremony. My friend and I, along with hundreds of other spectators, were enjoying the colorful procession preceding the bride’s arrival.

A group of little girls dressed in fancy white dresses walked up the aisle. diamond-white-folwer-girl-drtess Behind them came someone carrying a larger platter of fancy sweets which the little girls had exquisitely decorated for the king with great care. When they reached the front, the girls offered him their delightful delicacies. 2612031gLn_petit-fours-for-baby-shower-for-twins_900The king smiled lovingly and, with great joy, accepted their special tokens of love.

The bride was about to enter and walk up the aisle to meet the king. Ecstatic, my friend turned to me and said in a subdued tone, “The king is ready for his bride, and the bride is ready for her king.”

I woke up.

My Freedom-giver and Protector

Dream received July 1, 2015

Part 1

I was with a group of people at a table playing a Bible board game. As we played, I saw a space on the board called Slavery in Egypt. Whoever landed there would be unable to play until a particular card was turned over on the stack. That card would give the player the password to be set free from bondage.

www-St-Takla-org--A-Nation-of-SlavesThe woman beside me had played the game before so I asked her if she remembered the secret word to leave Egypt. She smiled and said, “Yes.” Then, however, she put her finger to her lips indicating she wouldn’t tell me what it was! “You will find out soon enough,” she said.

lose a turnThe first time around the board, I landed on Slavery in Egypt. Every turn thereafter, I pulled a card from the stack on the board, hoping against all hope that it contained the code word so I could rejoin the game. By the time I finally turned over the card I needed, I felt like a caged bird and was eager to be delivered from captivity. caged birdThe word on the card was Passover.

p_lambPart 2

I was standing beside a gentle stream talking with some friends. We had been canoeing in the peaceful water all afternoon. It was getting late so we were discussing where to spend the night. Someone suggested tying the canoes to trees along the banks and sleeping in them. This sounded like a wonderful idea to us because we were tired. We eagerly began to climb into the boats. Suddenly we realized that there were more people than there were canoes. Two people would need to sleep in each canoe!

One of my friends walked over and kindly invited me to sleep in his canoe. I knew the man well and trusted him. Thanking him for his kind offer, I took his arm and climbed into his canoe. Then I carefully laid down beneath the seats in the bottom of the canoe.

As I did so, the man said, “I’ll sit in the back of the boat so you can rest comfortably. Don’t worry; I am with you. Don’t be afraid; I am your God….” (Isa. 41:10).

0721_jesus_calms_storm_christian_clipartI knew I was safe in this man’s boat. The water gently rocked me to sleep.



A Lamp unto My Feet

Dream received June 16, 2015

I was sitting alone in a small room, drifting in and out of sleep.

A man walked up beside my chair. Placing his hand on my shoulder, he gently Angel_of_Light widewoke me up. I thought I was alone in the room so I was startled when I felt his touch. In my sleepy stupor, I looked up to see a tall, shining man. I knew it was an angel. On his face was a look of sincere concern.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

Somehow I knew that he was asking whether I was ready for the time of trouble soon to come upon God’s people. “Of course I am ready!” I said to myself. To my dismay, however, the answer “yes” wouldn’t come out. My sleepy head nodded “yes,” but the word “yes” was stuck in my throat. I couldn’t seem to shake off my drowsiness.

The angel looked even more concerned when I could not answer his question. Then I realized the truth: I was not ready! The angel left my side as quickly and quietly as he had appeared.

I woke up.

Fully conscious now, I prayed earnestly, “Father, wake me from my stupor so I can prepare for the troublesome times ahead.”

Then I asked God, “What do I need to do to get ready?”

About an hour later, as I was sleeping again, an intense light flooded my mind. That Light was my answer.


I woke up.

Verses that came to mind after this dream:

Awake, sleeping ones! And arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light. So be very careful how you live, making the best use of the time. Live wisely, not like fools. Ephesians 5:14, 15.

We are God’s watchmen. He commands us, “Sleep not! Watch and be ready! The foe is lurking near, ready at any moment, should you become lax and drowsy.”

Your Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105.

For the commandment of the law is a lamp and a light; a way of life; reproof also and correction. Proverbs 6:23.

We need the truth of the living Word to be ready. Scripture is our defense to stand through the last great conflict. His Word is a chart pointing out every waymark on our journey to heaven. We need the Law of God written on our hearts because it teaches us His holy requirements. His divine power and wisdom are present in His Word and in His Law.

The Woman on the Wall

Dream received June 9, 2015

A group of tourists was standing outside the thick stone walls of an ancient city in the Middle East listening to their tour guide.yeha05

Suddenly a woman cried out, “Look!” She pointed to a child who had slipped away from the crowd and was painstakingly scaling the massive stone wall. A hush fell over crowd. The young girl was climbing to the top! As she carefully placed her feet in the cracks and crevices, pulling herself up with her small hands, no one dared breathe. Could she ascend the wall without falling?

climbingFinally the girl scrambled over the top, breathing heavily. She sat on the stones at one corner, dangling her legs over the rocks, and smiled triumphantly. The crowd cheered but the girl scarcely noticed. Her eyes were on one man standing in the group far below: her dad.

Her father, relieved his young daughter had ascended the wall safely, smiled gently but approvingly. He was delighted with her victory. He pointed upward to God in silent thanksgiving for His grace, and she nodded in agreement.

As they shared this unspoken joy, the young girl became a beautiful woman wearing a long white dress. The woman stood on the wall in victory. Like the girl, she had scaled the high wall by God’s grace.

bride-of-christShe raised her hands to heaven. God saw her and smiled. His grace was sufficient.

Hands reaching to the sunThen I woke up.

President Obama

Dream received June 9, 2015

I was in a large, tastefully decorated living room filled with expensive furniture and massive fresh floral arrangements. I recognized it as a room in the White House. The voice of President Obama could be heard in the distance as he gave a personal tour.

o-WHITE-HOUSE-TOUR-facebookAfter a short time, Mr. Obama disappeared and the group stood talking among themselves in low tones. Then I heard President Obama’s voice outside the White House where he was addressing a large crowd.

obama“Great change is coming to America,” he declared. “You will accept those changes. You will have to agree to them.”

This announcement alarmed me, but the crowd clapped and cheered.

Then I woke up.


The dreams I have posted on this site about the Second Coming of Christ were received between 2009 and 2015. I have faithfully transmitted what came to me. I have been obedient to my charge, trusting my Father’s calling. The gravity of what is said, the opposition from Satan, and the responsibility of sharing these is possible only by His Spirit. With faith and courage from my Master, I share them with you.

Jeremiah declares:

Behold, I am against those who prophesy lying dreams, declares the LORD, and who tell them and lead my people astray by their lies and their recklessness, when I did not send them or charge them. So they do not profit this people at all, declares the LORD. Jeremiah 23:32.

There is urgency in the messages. It is time now to tell of His soon appearing. This is my duty. To tarry would be a mistake.

Jesus says:

He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and reveal myself to him. John 14:21.

Christ our Savior gives revelations of Himself to His people. Many are testifying to this truth from their experience. They too have had manifestations from their Redeemer about His soon return. He has spoken to their souls and unfolded the wonders of His person. I too am delighted to receive these revelations.

…In Your presence there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11.

As you read these dreams, do they reinforce God’s Word?

To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8:20

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

How can we know if a dream or vision is from the Spirit of God rather than Satan? Prayerfully ask and answer these questions:

  • Does it strengthen my faith in God?

  • Does it encourage purity and holiness in my life?

  • Does it encourage the Body of Christ?

  • Does it reveal something about the character and nature of God?

Consider the person who received the dream and the circumstances under which it was given. The answers to these questions will prove the genuineness of the dream.

It was Christ who told John to record what was to be opened before him. “What you see, write in a book,” He commanded, “and send it to the seven churches…” (Rev. 1:11).

May the messages contained in these dreams strengthen the Bride of Christ.


I was climbing a tall ladder which reached into the clouds.

sucggg I was carefully carrying a long tray filled with 10 or 12 small candles. About half of the candles were lit; the others had gone out.

When I reached the top of the ladder, I handed the tray of candles to someone above me and waited. In a short time, the tray was returned to me. All of the candles were burning brightly.


I carefully descended the ladder.

Then I woke up.

The Unvarying Message: Behold, the Bridegroom Comes!

Dream Received May 22, 2015

I walked through the back entrance of a large church one morning, the heavy wooden doors banging shut behind me. As I passed the door of a small room in the rear of the church, a young man emerged. He was yawning and carrying a big puffy quilt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“You woke me up!” he grumbled as he headed toward the doors I had entered a short time before.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized politely. “I didn’t know anyone was sleeping in there.”

“I’ll just have to sleep somewhere else today,” he complained.

I walked to the front of the church. In the center of the platform was an old-fashioned wooden barrel. A small box was sitting on a table beside the barrel.

box-on-table2Inside the box were about a dozen slips of paper, apparently left there from the previous night’s prayer meeting. At that time, each person attending was given an opportunity to choose a paper from the box which had a Scripture written on it with a message especially for them.

As I took a slip of paper, several other people who had come in the church after me also took papers.

I read the words on my paper to myself. It said, “Behold, the Bridegroom comes.

I recognized the truth and urgency in the statement. Then I watched as the other people read their papers. They looked at each other in amazement.

Curious, I asked one of them, “What does your paper say?”

Without a word, he showed me the paper. It read, “Behold, the Bridegroom comes.”

“And yours?” I asked someone else.

Behold, the Bridegroom comes,” he said.

All of our papers had the same message.

I woke up.

Note: I share the dream as it was given. Please consider the significance of it, especially in relation to dreams I have had with comparable meanings during the past several weeks.

United in Christ

body_of_christ-1United in Christ

A Dream Received May 15, 2015

I was with a group of about ten people standing in a tight circle on a quiet suburban street. We had our arms around each other, heads bowed in prayer. The bond of love and affection we shared was obvious.I was with a group of about ten people standing in a tight circle on a quiet suburban street. We had our arms around each other, heads bowed in prayer. The bond of love and affection we shared was obvious.

I was with a group of about ten people standing in a tight circle on a quiet suburban street. We had our arms around each other, heads bowed in prayer. The bond of love and affection we shared was obvious.

 canvassingprayer-001We had studied the Scriptures all day in the home of an elderly member of our group. She didn’t come outside to pray with us because it was difficult for her to get around even with a cane.

Teary-eyed, our elder sister sat on the sofa near the living room window watching us.

windowUnmarked cars were waiting for us nearby. Soon we would be taken to an unknown destination and none of us knew what would happen to us after that.

Several of us were crying because we knew we would not meet again until we were caught up together in the clouds with our beloved Savior.

clouds Separated from the Body

We, the body of Christ, were being torn apart, limb by limb, at the thought of separation. I was deeply distressed about this. The intense sorrow, anguish of spirit, and long periods of silence between our prayers showed that my brothers and sisters were distraught as well.

If one part of the body suffers, then all the other parts suffer with it. Or if one part is honored, then all the other parts share its honor. All of you together are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of that body. 1 Corinthians 12:26-27

While we were praying, a woman wearing a charcoal grey trench coat silently emerged from one of the waiting cars and stole up behind us.

Without a sound, she pulled a tiny camera out of her pocket and took multiple photographs of our prayer circle. There was a look of intense hatred on her face as well as triumphant glee. She had caught us doing something illegal and was proud of it. The woman scurried off with her camera full of pictures.

mamecame01d1-540x374We ignored the woman, having full assurance that we were in the will of God and His power would protect us.

After one last warm group embrace, we silently filled the waiting vehicles.

842711I turned around in the backseat of the car and waved goodbye to our elderly sister still watching from the living room window. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she waved back. She was powerless to save us and powerless to join us, yet very much one with us through our Beloved Savior.


As we pulled away from the house, I again looked out the back window. She was now being escorted outside to a waiting car. As she slowly and painfully shuffled down the path leaning heavily on her cane, she bravely waved to me again.

indexInside the car was another elderly woman from our group. When I looked again, their heads were bowed in prayer and their mouths were moving. Then, in silent but stoic tears, huddled together in the back seat, they clasped one another in a heartfelt embrace.

The three of us in the back seat of our vehicle clasped hands and began to pray fervently for our aged sisters in Christ. Our prayer infuriated the driver.

speedingFilled with rage, he accelerated the vehicle. Faster and faster we traveled.

BrightLightSuddenly there was a bright flash of light and I woke up.


This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

There is Strength in Unity

Union is strength, and the Lord desires that this truth should be ever revealed in all the members of the body of Christ. All are to be united in love, in meekness, in lowliness of mind. Organized into a society of believers for the purpose of combining and diffusing their influence, they are to work as Christ worked. They are ever to show courtesy and respect for one another. Ellen White, Lift Him Up, p. 295.