The Unvarying Message: Behold, the Bridegroom Comes!

Dream Received May 22, 2015

I walked through the back entrance of a large church one morning, the heavy wooden doors banging shut behind me. As I passed the door of a small room in the rear of the church, a young man emerged. He was yawning and carrying a big puffy quilt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“You woke me up!” he grumbled as he headed toward the doors I had entered a short time before.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized politely. “I didn’t know anyone was sleeping in there.”

“I’ll just have to sleep somewhere else today,” he complained.

I walked to the front of the church. In the center of the platform was an old-fashioned wooden barrel. A small box was sitting on a table beside the barrel.

box-on-table2Inside the box were about a dozen slips of paper, apparently left there from the previous night’s prayer meeting. At that time, each person attending was given an opportunity to choose a paper from the box which had a Scripture written on it with a message especially for them.

As I took a slip of paper, several other people who had come in the church after me also took papers.

I read the words on my paper to myself. It said, “Behold, the Bridegroom comes.

I recognized the truth and urgency in the statement. Then I watched as the other people read their papers. They looked at each other in amazement.

Curious, I asked one of them, “What does your paper say?”

Without a word, he showed me the paper. It read, “Behold, the Bridegroom comes.”

“And yours?” I asked someone else.

Behold, the Bridegroom comes,” he said.

All of our papers had the same message.

I woke up.

Note: I share the dream as it was given. Please consider the significance of it, especially in relation to dreams I have had with comparable meanings during the past several weeks.

United in Christ

body_of_christ-1United in Christ

A Dream Received May 15, 2015

I was with a group of about ten people standing in a tight circle on a quiet suburban street. We had our arms around each other, heads bowed in prayer. The bond of love and affection we shared was obvious.I was with a group of about ten people standing in a tight circle on a quiet suburban street. We had our arms around each other, heads bowed in prayer. The bond of love and affection we shared was obvious.

I was with a group of about ten people standing in a tight circle on a quiet suburban street. We had our arms around each other, heads bowed in prayer. The bond of love and affection we shared was obvious.

 canvassingprayer-001We had studied the Scriptures all day in the home of an elderly member of our group. She didn’t come outside to pray with us because it was difficult for her to get around even with a cane.

Teary-eyed, our elder sister sat on the sofa near the living room window watching us.

windowUnmarked cars were waiting for us nearby. Soon we would be taken to an unknown destination and none of us knew what would happen to us after that.

Several of us were crying because we knew we would not meet again until we were caught up together in the clouds with our beloved Savior.

clouds Separated from the Body

We, the body of Christ, were being torn apart, limb by limb, at the thought of separation. I was deeply distressed about this. The intense sorrow, anguish of spirit, and long periods of silence between our prayers showed that my brothers and sisters were distraught as well.

If one part of the body suffers, then all the other parts suffer with it. Or if one part is honored, then all the other parts share its honor. All of you together are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of that body. 1 Corinthians 12:26-27

While we were praying, a woman wearing a charcoal grey trench coat silently emerged from one of the waiting cars and stole up behind us.

Without a sound, she pulled a tiny camera out of her pocket and took multiple photographs of our prayer circle. There was a look of intense hatred on her face as well as triumphant glee. She had caught us doing something illegal and was proud of it. The woman scurried off with her camera full of pictures.

mamecame01d1-540x374We ignored the woman, having full assurance that we were in the will of God and His power would protect us.

After one last warm group embrace, we silently filled the waiting vehicles.

842711I turned around in the backseat of the car and waved goodbye to our elderly sister still watching from the living room window. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she waved back. She was powerless to save us and powerless to join us, yet very much one with us through our Beloved Savior.


As we pulled away from the house, I again looked out the back window. She was now being escorted outside to a waiting car. As she slowly and painfully shuffled down the path leaning heavily on her cane, she bravely waved to me again.

indexInside the car was another elderly woman from our group. When I looked again, their heads were bowed in prayer and their mouths were moving. Then, in silent but stoic tears, huddled together in the back seat, they clasped one another in a heartfelt embrace.

The three of us in the back seat of our vehicle clasped hands and began to pray fervently for our aged sisters in Christ. Our prayer infuriated the driver.

speedingFilled with rage, he accelerated the vehicle. Faster and faster we traveled.

BrightLightSuddenly there was a bright flash of light and I woke up.


This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

There is Strength in Unity

Union is strength, and the Lord desires that this truth should be ever revealed in all the members of the body of Christ. All are to be united in love, in meekness, in lowliness of mind. Organized into a society of believers for the purpose of combining and diffusing their influence, they are to work as Christ worked. They are ever to show courtesy and respect for one another. Ellen White, Lift Him Up, p. 295.

From Rooftop to Village

From Rooftop to Village

A Dream Received May 11, 2015

I was enjoying a warm, sunny afternoon on the flat rooftop of a house on the outskirts of a Mediterranean village. The canopy of blue sky refreshed my soul. A gentle breeze stirred the lush potted plants around me.

3b759__Traditional-Cave-House-in-Santorini-622x414“I am Coming Soon”

I heard a sweet, melodious sound which I recognized as the voice of my Master, Jesus. He said, “Get down off the roof. Go into the village below and tell the people I am coming soon.”


chauenshop1My Sheep

I hurried down the winding stone stairway toward the quiet street below. A pretty pink bicycle was resting against the inner wall of the compound.

3692778918_8ab9a9ebd4_m“Should I use the bike?” I asked the Master.

“No, you won’t need the bicycle,” Jesus said. “Hurry through the streets. The ones who know My voice will listen. My sheep know My voice.”

And whenever He brings out His own sheep, He goes before them; and the sheep follow Him, because they know His voice. John 10:4 (EMTV)

I passed through the narrow gate to the quiet street.Chefchaouen-alley-e1301411707258-1024x972

Sharing the Message

A dark-haired little girl 4 or 5 years old playing in the street saw me leaving the house.

girlShe looked at me and smiled.

Taking my hand, she said confidently, “I’m ready. Let me come with you to share the message.”

We departed together with the blessing of our Savior.

 And He called the Twelve and began to send them out by two and two.,,Mark 6:7 (MKJV)

grc_santorini_smpc11_kj_diluigi.jpg__701x466_q85_cropBe Ready

But know this, that if the master of the house had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and would not have let his house be broken into.

Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

Matthew 24:43, 44 ESV


“I am coming soon!”

Knowing the Time of Our Train’s Arrival

A Dream Received May 5, 2015

I was traveling with a small group of close friends and family. We were at a busy train station, waiting for our departure gate to be announced. One person was holding all of our tickets.

Thinking it would be a while until the train arrived, I took off my jacket and knelt down to stuff it in my suitcase. It was at that moment that our train’s boarding call was finally made so I didn’t hear the gate number.

My friends quickly picked up their bags and hurried off to board the train. When my suitcase was closed and I was ready to go, I rushed to the closest gate and asked the attendant, “Did a group of people just pass through here?”

The woman looked at me like I was crazy. After all, in that busy train station, hundreds of passengers were passing through the various gates all the time. I was about to miss my train! Anxiously looking around at the people passing through the gates, I recognized no one.

My anxiety turned to anger as I wondered why none of my friends had realized I was missing and come back for me. “Will they really travel on without me?” I asked myself.

If I had known the destination of the train we were waiting for or the estimated time of departure, I could have found the correct gate. I knew neither.

“Why didn’t my friends tell me what time the train was supposed to leave? If they had told me, ‘Be ready at 9:30 a.m.,’ I wouldn’t have missed the train!” I set down my bag in the middle of the station and stood there crying.

Just then, one of my friends emerged from a departure gate. She threw her arm around my shoulder, grabbed my suitcase with the other hand, and pulled me toward one of the gates.

Two people running arm around shoulder (with suitcase?) or just running together

“The train is coming!” she yelled above the train’s rumble. “Let’s go! Hurry or we’ll miss it!”

Overjoyed, I ran with her to catch the train. I saw the One holding my ticket and woke up.

Surely I Come Quickly

A Dream Received on Sabbath, April 24, 2015

 Part 1 – The Faith of Jesus

I was balancing somewhat precariously on the pointed roof of a skyscraper helping someone whose voice and countenance were full of pure and holy Love. I knew I was with Jesus.

We sat on either side of a lightning rod and could see the miniature cars and tiny people dashing about far below us.

Jesus was quickly but carefully erecting a steel pole near the lightning rod, and I was doing my best to help Him. After the pole was in place, we hung a sign on it which said, “Surely I come quickly!

I was filled with joy helping my Savior with this work. However, upon realizing the solemnness of His words, a heavy weight settled on my heart. Jesus then showed me a rope and gave instructions on how to rappel off the top of the building.


He hooked into a harness and easily lowered Himself to the ground. Suddenly I was sitting on the roof peak alone. There will be a time when Jesus our intercessory Priest leaves Father’s heavenly sanctuary to come for His bride, the church of His pilgrims. When this time comes, we will be without a mediator.

After He was gone, I found my long rope coiled beside the lightening rod. However, as I dropped one end to the street below, the rope became hopelessly tangled.

Prolonged minutes ticked by as I tried to unravel the heap of rope, fearing that the sheer weight of it would cause me to lose my balance. Because my Guide was not with me, I could no longer look below without being terrified.

Pressing ever closer to the metal rod at the center of the building, I wrapped my arms around it, clutching tightly. The only thing I could hold onto was my Savior’s faith in His Father. He trusted God and so would I.

Now I heard my Guide calling out directions and encouraging me from the street far below. I wanted desperately to respond but was frozen with fear.

Still clinging to the lightning rod, I closed my eyes in prayer before attempting to untangle the heavy rope again. I prayed for victory in following Jesus’ words. I longed to be with my Savior again, whether it was at the pinnacle of a skyscraper or on the streets below.

When I finished praying, I opened my eyes and found a small fruit basket in front of me. It was attractively lined with a cloth printed in a fruit pattern.


There was a small square parchment inside the basket on which Jesus had painstakingly written:

Howl; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as destruction from the Almighty.

I, the LORD, will show no mercy or pity when that time comes. In my anger I will destroy the earth and every sinner who lives on it. Isaiah 13:6, 9

With heart-rending moans, I clung even more tightly to the lighting rod. I wept for friends and family and countless others who would be destroyed. I wept for myself. Did I have His faith? Would His faith be enough? Did I have any unconfessed sins?Green-Envy-Zinnia-bouquet-from-my-Utah-garden-myflowerjournal-500x500Through my tears, I saw fresh cut flowers in a glass vase beside the fruit.

Unfolding the parchment within the bouquet, I read these words:

I am coming soon. Hold on to the faith you have, so that no one can take away your crown. Revelation 3:11

After reading these messages, the tangled rope became insignificant. I knew my Guide would sustain me by His faith.

Part 2 – The Word of God

The event on the skyscraper faded and I was now in a large conference center. I was looking at ministry displays of the speakers I had listened to earlier.

Most of the female attendees had congregated in the kitchen. They were eating their homemade delicacies and sharing the recipes together.


I had, however, absentmindedly laid down my favorite journal in which I had taken notes on the speakers’ talks. Determined to find the book, I returned to each booth I had visited earlier, but sadly, my journal had vanished. At this moment, I realized that human theories and ideas are simply chaff in the wind.

Now I was holding another book in my hands, and like my previous one, there was no title on the cover, but I recognized the book and hugged it close to my heart.

Girl Holding Bible Close

Part 3 – Our Heavenly Home

The scene changed to a forest trail where I was walking with about half a dozen other people. I moved on ahead, passing the others, until I was walking alongside our Guide. Once again, He was easily recognizable. I had no desire to overtake Him. Instead, I was delighted to walk by His side until we reached the mansions He has prepared for His beloved children.

Along the trail, I noticed a set of keys. I looked up at my Guide as He said, “Those are your oldest sister’s keys.”

lost-keysWe passed on, without picking up the keys. I had to keep moving to keep up with my Guide, but I wondered if my sister was ahead of me and had dropped the keys to the kingdom or whether she was behind me and someone had dropped the keys for her to find.

My Guide and I reached a fork in the path.

I asked Him, “Which way leads home?”

He instructed me to turn to the right and I obeyed.

Then I noticed a bright light in the distance. It grew steadily brighter and brighter until, amid a flash of brilliant and dazzling light, I woke up.




Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh!


Behold, the Bridegroom Comes!

A Vision Received on Sabbath, April 11, 2015

at a Camp Meeting in Silver Springs, Florida

Breathing deeply of the cool morning air, I strolled down a pleasant path through the woods. The cobwebs along the trail became insignificant as I delighted in the tranquility of that place.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a small black snake lazily coiled on a branch about five feet from my face.

Seeing the snake at eye level startled me. The gentle and comforting Spirit of our Savior suggested that I pray.

“The Master has a message for me,” I thought. Falling to my knees, I bowed in humility. “Sweet Savior, grant me grace to receive Your words of Life,” I pleaded. Then I waited expectantly.

In a clear voice, He said, “You are going to be in the woods again soon, My dear, but at that time, you will be running. I am going to be leaving the Most Holy Place in the heavenly sanctuary soon.

There are brothers and sisters in the world-loving churches. I am calling them out. They are also in prisons and hospitals and among the homeless, institutionalized, and marginalized.

My sheep know My voice. They hunger for the Word and bear holy and lovely fruit. They eagerly wait and work for My return. You will all rise in the clouds together soon.”heaven_clouds“But Master,” I wondered, “who can stand in Your holy presence?”

He replied softly, “My child, don’t be afraid. I am with you and will sustain you. Some will stand before human tribunals and have an opportunity to explain My teachings and defend My character. Others will need to hide. Only those who live by My Spirit will be sustained in that day.”

Then He instructed me to go back to camp and write what He had just told me.

“The time is short,” He urged. “Some people will be encouraged by My words, but those who are blind will receive only darkness and confusion.”

“I will write down everything You said,” I promised and started walking toward my campsite.

“Don’t walk,” the Voice commanded me. “Run! Run now!”

I started to run. I ran as far as I could. Then, breathless, I slowed to a walk.

“Keep running!” He commanded me, and then He repeated, “The time is short!”

I ran and ran. My feet felt swift and light.

The snake was still in the tree when I passed by the same place. I looked him in the eye and stated confidently, “The one true God, Almighty and Everlasting, has given His children armor to stand against you and your evil angels. We are covered by the blood stained banner of our Savior.”

Hear the Word of the Lord: “Look, the Bridegroom! Come out to meet Him!”

As you come, gather those whom our Savior has prepared to follow Him.

Let us rise and trim our lamps!



The Purest Joy

“The purest joy springs from the deepest humiliation.”

(Acts of the Apostles, p. 319)
The purest joy springs from the deepest humiliation. (Acts of the Apostles, p. 319)How true this is! Like the water of a waterfall which sings as it cascades down and dashes itself on the rocks below, the lower we go in loving service, the deeper the joy we experience in our Savior's sweet presence.

How true this is! Like the water of a waterfall which sings as it cascades down and dashes itself on the rocks below, the lower we go in loving service, the deeper the joy we experience in our Savior’s sweet presence.



When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, my older sisters and I would often return home from school after dark in the wintertime. As the school bus approached our house in a quiet residential area outside of Philadelphia, my classmates could see the cheery red lamp on the kitchen table, but my sisters and I were the only ones who cared whether the light was on or not.My mother, a single parent who chose the disgrace of accepting state welfare so that she could be a stay-at-home-Mom, never missed a day at her post, at least as far as I can remember. She was faithful to her duty – to be at home with that little red lamp on “for her girls.”

DSCN0304Painting courtesy of the artist, my sister

When my sisters and I saw the little light in the kitchen window, we knew Mom was home and all was well with the world. We knew she would have a pot of steaming vegetable soup and freshly-baked bread waiting for us. The light was a beacon of stability in my otherwise unpredictable world.

soupSeveral months ago, I began living and working on a small organic farm. As the relationship I have with my boss/landlord has 015developed, he has become like a father to me. Although his own three daughters have been out of the nest for many years already, he continues to hang the big, old fashioned Christmas lights outside the house every year. This year he made the string of lights long enough to reach to the back of the house, lighting my porch!

The other evening I was returning to the farm from a short walk and noticed through the trees that the Christmas lights were on, adding their multi-colored cheerfulness to the dark night.

“Dadc1a21f9aeb72b3f30a894abfe85a15f3’s home!” I said to myself excitedly and walked a little faster. What a blessing to have this stability in my life again – someone who attentively protects me and wisely advises me, someone who willingly spends his valuable time with me and guides and supports me in my walk with my heavenly Father.

Mom’s red lamp in the kitchen window and Dad’s colorful Christmas lights draw me to the Father of Lights:

Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of change” James 1:17, (Lamsa NT).



One in the Bond of Love

woman_writing_at_a_table-largeI am a “private” person. In other words, I am quieter and more reserved than your average bear. Having adequate “alone time” is crucial to my wellbeing. When I live in a place where my neighbors can see what I am doing inside my living quarters, I keep the shades drawn and the front door shut to discourage any snooping. Within the four walls of my habitation, I can do what I want. After all, what I do in my private life, whether consuming a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream or staying up all night to write, is my own business, right?

Several months ago, I began renting a room in a single-story, split-plan house. The room beside mine is only used during the daytime if at all so I am basically alone on one side of the house while the owners (husband and wife) have a bedroom at the opposite end of the house. The main living room and kitchen separate the two bedroom areas.

For the first few months, I kept pretty much to myself. I was careful to keep my shades closed when I was in the room, especially when the lights were on, and kept the door between my room and the rest of the house decidedly closed.

However, I have grown more comfortable with the family now, enough to let my hair down in their presence, to be “real.” About a week ago, I surprised myself by abruptly deciding to leave the door to my room open (except when I’m sleeping), as well as to join the couple at their kitchen table for meals occasionally and to sit with them in the living room, just to enjoy their company.

After isolating myself for most of my adult years, the Berlin Walls have crumbled! Yes, the walls are down, the door is wide open, and the window blinds are up. I stand vulnerable, exposed, accessible, free – willing to take the risk that I will not be loved yet knowing that the opposite is true – I will be loved even more by inviting them into my personal space. I know that they will still love me even if they see all my imperfections.

If someone a16_church-is-one-bodysks me now, “Hey, what have you been up to lately?” I can say joyfully, “Enjoying loving and being loved.” No doors, no walls, no barriers between our hearts. We are connected, yoked, united.                                                           “And the glory which You have given to Me I have given to them, so that they shall be one just as We are one. I in them and You in Me, so that they shall have been perfected into one, and so that the world shall be knowing that You sent Me and You loved them just as You loved Me” John 17:22-23, ALT.